क.बाबुराम भट्टराईको वेबसाइट सार्वजनिक

              images-baburam                       सोसल नेटवर्किङ साइट फेस बुक मार्फत सर्बसाधारण सँग सम्बन्ध स्थापित गर्न सफल तथा नेपाली राजनीतिक ईतिहासमानै पहिलो पटक आधुनिक सुचना प्रबिधी को उपयोग गरी जनता सँग अन्तर्कृया गर्दै(सुझाब सल्लाहा लिदै)आउनु भयका नेकपा माओवादी का बरिस्ठ नेता तथा बर्तमान अर्थ मन्त्री क बाबुराम भट्टराई ले आफ्नै ब्यक्तिगत वेब साइट सन्चालन मा ल्याउनु भयको छ। नयाँ बर्ष २००९ को अबसर पारेर आज देखी सन्चालन मा ल्याइयको हो।
www.baburambhattarai.com नाम गरेको सो वेब साइट मा डा भट्टराई का आगामी सार्वजनिक कार्यक्रम,लेख,रचना,फोटाहारु,लगायत का सामाग्री राखियका छन।


47 Responses to “क.बाबुराम भट्टराईको वेबसाइट सार्वजनिक”

  1. Raju Gnawali Says:

    I am from shankhardev college,i want to go village for promoting agriculture products with the prosperity of soil.I mean to say i want to remove all traditional agriculture products and to replace it with new technological organic products.The products which i want to produce can be commercialized in international market.For this,i need team n alot of research to be succeed in my aim.Although,I am member of our party i want to contribute my role to boost economy growth through modernization n commercialization in agriculture.AS you have analyzed and forecasted future economic activity of Nepal,I must be building a brick to your dream. I want some advise what can i do?

  2. Bikash Khatiwada Says:

    Plzzzz, babu ji . Please stop all your bandhas program ,it always hamper our studies. It is a geniune request from a student …

  3. Arjun Baral Says:

    kamred Avibhadan ke ho tapaika karye karta marmungri garchhan Tyo dekher maobadi parti prati ghrina lagchha tar rastra neta ma hunu parne gurna tapai ma cha.

  4. sansar Rai Says:

    i like ur role. Your intention is quite different from another political leadars thats ur greatness. Our country can not be developed because all political leadar is running after a chair but ur contemplation is not so. ur one of the most important person of our nation. u have to contribute ur good ideas to the innocent people.

  5. sansar Says:

    k chhani hou nepal ko khabar

  6. nirajan thapa Says:

    lead nation properly best of luck i m sure that you lead our nation properly

  7. prabina Says:

    in my opinion i think that u r in film industry not in political line because u r looking good in velan.

  8. santosh Says:

    good leader for nepal continue it

  9. dr.pyasi Says:

    Respectedsir, iam very grateful to write few words . i don’t find any political stability in nepal .Is this a New Nepal? when will it be peace!!!!!!

  10. Ganesh Bc Says:

    k cha nepalko khabar.

  11. KB Bhandari Says:

    Baburam ji ! lalsalam!
    You are the most important person for Nepal. You r always first in academic line. most of the educated people are become follower of UCPN MOIST because they know u.
    If u want to realize the suggestiion by best wishers please think about whole national interrest. give up party interest. see all marginal Nepali as YCL and PLA. only stupid ,aggresive and negative attitudes’ ycl, pla and so called leader can’t change this nation. So, try to be national paramount leader by behaving all common people equally and thinking and acting only for national interest. summon to come with you to all patriotic and lead as national leader.

  12. susan Says:

    there is no dought about your capacity but use it only in good way not only for trying to be a prime minister. do good for nation as well as your party

  13. aabasya shrestha Says:

    here is a nbothing either good or bad but thinking its make so. you work very that wants all the nepali listner or reader

  14. loktantra sharma Says:

    happy new year 2067
    no fear
    no tears no worry
    be smille.
    k 6 naya nepal ko khabar

  15. Nirmal Adhikari Says:

    Thanks for your site .I got some Important knowledge from your site .

  16. ananta devkota Says:

    bhattarai sir namaskar.you should not give up this andolan untill pm ma ku ne give regime from his post.best of luck

  17. bishnu bhakta rai Says:

    comred baburam ji lallavibadan
    Nepali rajnitima nirnayek janaandolan vaniyeko 3rd jana andolan safal nahundai sthagit garnu paro yesle nepali kranti-kari comred harulai jyadai nirass banayeko 6. sanchai antim yudda vaniyeko 3rd andolan antimnai banaunu parne thiyo yo andolan nirnayek nahunda pratikriya badiharulai jhan ball pugna gayeko 6.
    ahile parti netrito le hamilai dhoka diyekai ho janha hami balidan dina tayar thiyeu tra netritole ghunda tekekole hami udass chhau feri pani yestai andolan vayo vane hamile sath dine ki nadine?
    yo asfaltako naitik jimma netritole linu parla ki?

  18. Manoj Ghimire Says:

    The great leader of nepal.The

  19. Ratna Lamichhane Says:

    U R the best leader of Nepal. We Proud of u being Gorkhali and Nepali.
    30 million People looking for u. U should be the driver of Nepal one time and foreever.

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  25. ramu paudel Says:

    I am very happy in watching Ka. Bhattrai at website. He is a visinary person. He can handle whole the nation.People want him in the leader of Nepal.

  26. Dhruba Bhatta Says:

    Dear baburam Dada
    i am from your area no 2 chanute. i always respect you becauseof your good intelligence in the party and other sector but i want to know that when all the nepali dhildren can get the equal edutation systam and can break privatelized boarding school. all the people hopfull with you and your plan

  27. Tek Raj Nepal Says:

    Baburam sir krantikari lalsalam

    nepal ma you ko jasto bichar bhaeko bhae nepal kati develop hunthyo hola but ke garne tapai jasto bekti ko bichar ko here kadar hudain tara sir yes pali jasari pani tyo hareko manchhe lai hataer primminister bannu paryo ani contry haknu paryo. you arthmantri huda kati kam bhaeko thiyo aja samma kasaile gareko thien. prachanda bhanda pani you banda bes hinchha,
    ok by

    take care
    wish you all the best

  28. khagendra Says:

    kamred baburab ji,

  29. Dhana Narayan Shrestha Says:

    I think give to chance to him and see his work

  30. Ram Krishna Paudel Says:

    All nepalies people and all of economics student are know u r the most popular person u only improve and develop our poor economic condition. i also ur economics followers so i want to improve micro finance sector in my side i mean nepal rastrya bank also dis corage un productive sector’s investment i want to improve invest at productive sector

  31. rk patel Says:

    thanks parsa

  32. lamakhule Says:


  33. Sthaneshor Adhikari Says:

    Baburam Jee,

    Have you considered that the nation is being failed soon due to your (party’s) irresponsibilities?
    Parchanda can’t be the good leader for the nation, he has full of anger besides any hope!!! Do you agree?

  34. Sujan Aryal Says:

    Dheri ramro 6 . Dheri time ago hunu parne theyo yo kura jani na jani pani send gareko chu accept garnu la

  35. lamakhule Says:

    kranti baki6 jasto6 sakti ajhai samant ko hatma6 janta sachet vayekai 6ina

  36. Shyam chandra Budhathoki Says:

    Hamro desh nepalma derai deshko maya vayeka educated manishharu niskidai chhan aba chadai uniharu jobko silsilama ramro ramro padama pugchhan ani banchha naya nepal .tapai ramro ramro yojana layanuhosh tyo pura hunchha. tapaile lyaaka yojanama aile jasley pani samarthan garchha. you are the great.

  37. Mahesh Bhattarai Says:

    Kamred Baburam ji Lalsalam

  38. DEVRAJ RAI Says:


  39. Suman tamang Says:


  40. Tajub Limbu Says:

    Respected sir,

    I think you are the hero of Nepal. Every one should remember your ministry of finance period.

  41. mahesh bhattarai Says:

    haa baburam ji
    k nepal sachekaii switherzarland ban la ta ki new nepal banchha,ma chhaan6u ki nepal shanti buddha ko desh nepal nahiii rahoos.i like u but….dar 6…….k ta thhii ki nepal nepal rahanna ki.aaru kura aarko baithak ma garu haii…….bhassad la desh chall chaa ra………thara dar 6 malaie ki bhassad lamo bhayao kam short.short..thapaii pm bannu ma help garchuu.any,way ilike u most but not other.

  42. mahesh bhattarai Says:

    haa baburam ji
    k nepal sachekaii switherzarland ban la ta ki new nepal banchha,ma chhaan6u ki nepal shanti buddha ko desh nepal nahiii rahoos.i like u but….dar 6…….k ta thhii ki nepal nepal rahanna ki.aaru kura aarko baithak ma garu haii…….vasharad la desh chall chaa ra………thara dar 6 malaie ki bhassad lamo bhayao kam short.short..thapaii pm bannu ma help garchuu.any,way ilike u most but not other.

  43. dipak giri Says:

    my dear kanred
    ma hajur haru sanga request gar6u ki,tapai haru vaneko des ko sweet sapana ho ajha u ta des ko entellgence so, janata ko sapana lai n birsanuhos ,k yetai nai ho ra hajurharu ko yetra?so samaya lame6 ajhai pani janata le herne palo auchha ra chinne palo pani,bichar puraunuhos janta ko pakchye ma kam garnu hos ane janata le hajur lai sath dine 6n ajha janta le hajur bata great sapana buneka 6n plz…plz my heartly request

  44. deepak Says:

    i like your thik.

  45. nawaraj alauliya Says:

    i love to say that thought is greatest wepon and the way to implement that device is the most propable action that can , so i found that type of manar within Baburam comrad. So i hope u will use that in the right field

  46. sagar Says:

    first of all congratulation to become prime minister, I would like to request you work carefully with your party and other political party.
    They didn’t want to work you fairy for country. Don’t believe even you party as well as other party. work carefully for janta ko lagi
    Thank you

  47. dhruba Bhatta Says:

    सर्ब पर्थम त तपाईं लाई हार्दिक बधाई छ ! बाबुराम दाई अब को यो घडीमा आफुलाई अती होसियार भयर अगाडि बद्नु परे बेला छ ! देश र जनत सब तपाईं को आशा मा छन! यस्लाई निकास दिने काम सफल होस् मेरो शुभकामना छ ! तपाईं को शुभ चिन्तक !

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